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TeraBox Tops 35M Global Downloads

All users receive 1,024GB (1TB) of cloud storage free, with expanded offerings for Premium members

TeraBox, a cloud storage service, recently celebrated reaching 35M global downloads, highlighting the user demand for secure, accessible cloud storage.

Outperforming competitors, TeraBox gives its users 1,024GB (1TB) of free cloud storage. Prioritizing a seamless user experience, TeraBox automatically syncs files across devices and backs up photos and videos, as well as saves files to the local storage on users’ devices.

After users download TeraBox to their smartphone or computer, they can choose between a normal (free) account or become a Premium member, gaining access to various additional features. The attributes of each level include:

Normal Membership — $0 per month

1,024GB (1TB) of storage
Save up to 500 files
Playback videos in up to 720P resolution
Upload files up to 4GB in size
Store up to 200GB of data in private files
Access files in the Recycle Bin for 10 days
Premium Membership — $2.99 per month, after signing up for a seven-day free trial (more pricing info here)

2,048GB (2TB) of storage
Ultra-fast download speed
Automatic original quality video backup, saving phone space (App only)
Automatic file sync on Android phones
Save up to 50,000 files
Multi-speed video and sound playback
Playback videos in up to 1080P resolution
Upload files up to 20GB in size
Extract files from the TeraBox cloud
Unzip online files up to 12GB in size
Ad-free experience
Store up to 2,048GB (2TB) of data in private files
Access files in the Recycle Bin for 30 days
“We recognize cloud storage can get expensive, which is why we offer 1TB of storage free to all users,” said Olivia Tian, product lead at TeraBox. “Whether users join as Normal or Premium members, they can always rely on TeraBox to safe-guard their files.”

Available for download on Android, iOS, and Windows devices, data can also be accessed online at

About TeraBox

TeraBox is an innovative cloud storage app that protects and organizes all the files on a user’s device, helping them to quickly back up and navigate photos, important documents, and files with the aid of powerful AI technology. TeraBox enables worldwide users to experience the future of data backup and cloud storage solutions.

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