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Hisense Air Conditioner Getting World’s First JQA’s Fresh Air Certification

Recently, Quality Assurance Organization of Japan (JQA), the Japan’s state-authorized certification organization, has concluded that Hisense Fresh Master Air Conditioner fully meets industry standards in the Japanese market after a series of professional tests of “Air Volume” and “CO2 Reduction Rate”. Hisense, which is the Chinese home appliance leading brand, has become the first air conditioner brand in the world passing JQA’s fresh air certification.
The test results of JQA show that, Hisense X8 Split floor type air conditioner and Hisense X8 Split wall type air conditioner can meet the “stringent” industry standards in the Japanese market in terms of the two core indicators of “Air Volume” and “CO2 Reduction Rate”. Hisense Fresh Master air conditioner is also the world’s first product getting JQA’s Fresh Air certification.
Hisense Fresh Master X8 Split floor type air conditioner creatively combines air conditioning, fresh air and purification into one product. The fresh air volume can reach 150 m?/h. It can effectively reduce the indoor carbon dioxide concentration and increase the oxygen content in 3 minutes, and effectively remove the H1N1 influenza virus and HFMD EV71 virus. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, more customers have realized the importance of indoor air health, and Fresh Master air conditioner has gradually become the first choice for people to buy.
It is well known that the Japanese market is very strict about the fresh air standard. In 2003, Japan incorporated fresh air ventilation systems into The Building Standards Law, requiring the installation of “24-hour ventilation system”. Hisense air conditioners are able to pass the fresh air tests in Japanese market, which owns the mature technology and strict standard, undoubtedly showing the technical strength of Hisense Fresh Master air conditioner.
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Photo Caption – JQA’s Fresh Air certification
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Photo Caption – Hisense releases fresh air conditioning


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