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New NTT Ltd. Brand Launched in Thailand

The rebranding empowers NTT Ltd. to bring comprehensive, smart and innovative solutions to penetrate markets in Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos.

NTT Ltd., the world-leading global technology services provider, announces the launch of NTT Ltd. in Thailand bringing together 31 brands including Dimension Data, NTT Communications, NTT Security and Training Partners

Mr. Sutas Kongdumrongkiat, NTT Ltd.’s CEO in Thailand, will also oversee markets in Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos. Under his leadership, NTT Ltd. plans to bring its world-class comprehensive smart ICT solutions to support both the enterprise and government sectors to help drive digital transformation.

Mr. Sutas Kongdumrongkiat, Thailand CEO for NTT Ltd., said, “We’re pleased to officially launch the rebrand of NTT Ltd. in Thailand. By empowering the strengths of all 31 NTT Ltd. brands, we aim to deliver world-class innovations and ICT services to help businesses in finance, manufacturing, healthcare service, media, telecommunications, education and the government sector to enable the connected future.”

NTT Ltd. understands the core challenges businesses are grappling with today, so the company has developed smart technologies by integrating innovations and solutions (co-innovation) to help businesses bed down their ICT infrastructure for further growth. The company delivers the following four key solutions:

1. Intelligent Business: A digital business solution creates more value for business by accelerating transformation and unlocking the potential of customer experience, data and analytics, and multi-cloud application environments.

2. Intelligent Workplace: The solution creates a modern workplace environment for enterprises that ensures a seamless workflow and optimized applications, increasing teams’ efficiency and enhancing customer experience, regardless of their location or device.

3. Intelligent Infrastructure: The solution delivers networking, data center and cloud infrastructure solutions that drive business agility with highly automated processes and managed services to ensure user and customer satisfaction across a hybrid secure environment.

4. Intelligent Cybersecurity: The solution creates a digital business that is secure by design. With unsurpassed threat intelligence, the solution helps predict, detect and respond to cyber threats, while supporting business innovation and managing risk.

“We have a long-term legacy of doing business in Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos. Combined with strong ICT partnerships and professional managed services, we are confident that, as NTT Ltd., we can deliver smart ICT solutions to meet a variety of customers’ demands with increased flexibility,” Mr. Sutas concludes.

The rebrand of NTT Ltd. is the consolidation of Dimension Data, NTT Communications, NTT Security and Training Partners and 31 companies and brands from over 70 countries worldwide under the NTT umbrella. NTT Ltd. is the global US$11 billion technology services company and it currently has more than 10,000 customers worldwide in various sectors including finance, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, energy and utilities, automotive manufacturing and technology sector.
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About NTT Ltd.
NTT Ltd. is a leading global technology services company. We partner with organizations around the world to shape and achieve outcomes through intelligent technology solutions. For us, intelligent means data-driven, connected, digital, and secure. As a global ICT provider, we employ about 40,000 people in a diverse and dynamic workplace that spans 57 countries, trading in 73 countries and delivering services in over 200 countries. Together we enable the connected future.
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