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Zyxel unlocks SME investment with Security Enterprise Pack

Zyxel (Thailand) Co., Ltd. launches a new suite of security solutions for SMEs, “Security Enterprise Pack” that can protect the entire network system with superior after-sales service. The new security pack helps small and medium-sized organizations in Thailand eliminate their concerns of cyber threats whilst leveraging an enterprise-class network security system more easily.
Organizations in all sectors of the industry are deploying the cloud to reduce costs and increase work efficiency. The more organizations are connected to digital world, the more chances of being attacked are even higher. The organization therefore places more importance on the cyber security system on its network; while the organization is still facing a shortage of IT professionals and limited investment budget.
Zyxel designs a Security Enterprise Pack solution that enables complete network security for SME market. The organization can opt between the industry-leading Unified Security Gateway Series (USG) or new Advanced Threat Protection Series (ATP), depending on the customer’s requirements. The pack is even bundled with the necessary licenses as well as professional services that help organization to manage the networks easily.

The appliances and services in the Security Enterprise Pack work seamlessly together to create an integrated security system that the organization needs as follows.
1. Unified Security Gateway: It provides SMBs with effective application optimization and comprehensive network protection. While the USG manages the bandwidth and WAN load balancing as a gateway, it prevents and manages attacks coming from both inside and outside the organization’s network, content filtering application control and powerful protection. As a result, Zyxel’s high-efficient USG helps the organization to have fast and stable connection between branches with secure. Or, the organization can select the
Advanced Threat Protection. The ATP is a security device that prevents and manages advanced new cyber threats. It is embedded in the device with modern technologies “Cloud-based sandboxing” and anti-threat systems to detect the known threats and unknown threats normally called Zero-day attack. Therefore, the efficient ATP appliance builds the confidence in the network protection and relieve the worry.
3. License for security services: This new pack includes the license for the security services that the organization needs to protect its entire network continuously; including Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Intrusion Detection Prevention, Content Filtering, and Cloud-Based Sandboxing services.
4. Licenses for SecuReporter service: Secured Reporter Service is a cloud-based service that monitors and analyzes cyber security on the cloud. It provides insights of both inbound and outbound traffic, including network threat information. It thus helps organization to respond to threats in a timely manner. Moreover, with this service, the organization is eligible to have security reports and users’ log information in accordance with Computer-Related Crime Act 2017 in Thailand.
5. Superior after-sales service in the market: The organization will receive advance replacement service (ARS), that the organization just notify the failure incident of the product from normal use to Zyxel call center. On the next business day, Zyxel will deliver the replacement equipment in advance to the customer. After receiving such replacement unit, the customer just returns the failed unit to Zyxel. The organization is entitled to use the ARS service for year period that the licenses are purchased.
6. Technical support services via call center: The organization will have peace of mind and confidence when using the technical expert support via our call center, available from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm every day except Sunday on 9×6 basis.
The Security Enterprise Pack is available in 1, 3 and 5 year choices; to be selected as appropriate to the system and upon the needs of each organization.

Mr. Apichart Choempraphai, Country Manager at Zyxel (Thailand) Co., Ltd. said “Zyxel finds that 30 percent of SMBs in the United States are unable to continue their business properly after being attacked by cybercriminals. Security Enterprise Pack will help unlock the investment concerns in network security systems among the IT professional shortage challenge in Thailand. Zyxel is helping SMEs to run the business safely and continuously, reduce the hassle and cost. Importantly, the organizations can have operational standards and meet the requirements of the Computer Act which is an immediate necessity today.”
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