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ข่าวไอที 24 ชั่วโมง

iTrueMart Seeks to Become Thailand’s No.1 Online Retailer by Tapping Further into AEC

iTrueMart Seeks to Become Thailand’s No.1 Online Retailer by Tapping Further into AEC, Increasing Product Lines & Setting Impressive Online Shopping Standards

ข่าวไอที 24 ชั่วโมง

Bangkok: 16 November 2015 – iTrueMart (, one of Thailand’s leading online retailers, is well on its path on becoming No.1 with over 7,000 orders per day, with more than 20,000 product items, from over 700 brands, and with a massive inventory of over 1 million items. It is also setting a new standard for the country’s online-retailing industry from downstream to upstream. Its product range has been expanding remarkably, with mom-and-kids category recently introduced to the delight of digital mom shoppers. iTrueMart, moreover, is preparing to aim higher through its investment of over 5.3 billion Baht in 2016 and determined expansion into the AEC market, debuting in the Philippines at the end of this year.

Mr. Punnamas Vichitkulwongsa, President of Ascend Group Company Limited, says, “Thailand’s e-Commerce is now ready to achieve significant growth. If we pay attention to the growth rate, we will notice that Thailand’s e-Commerce has been growing solidly and this trend looks to continue. Moreover, an increasing number of consumers in the Thai market now have access to the Internet. On average, our subsidiary Ascend Commerce receives 14,000 orders online daily. On its busiest day, it recorded as many as 18,500 orders. Therefore, Ascend Commerce has ultimately become the e-Commerce leader in Thailand.”

Mr. Punnamas adds that, “e-Commerce will have huge potential when the AEC (ASEAN Economic Community) fully materializes. According to a study by Ystats SE Asia eCommerce, the volume of ASEAN’s mobile Internet users rose 56 percent in 2015. Up to 56 percent of the Thai and Vietnamese populations are now accessing the Internet via their smartphones, a figure close to the Philippines’ with a 50 percent rate. Recognizing the growing number of mobile-Internet users, we are confident that online shopping in the region will also grow. The AEC is an emerging and interesting market for e-Commerce through which entrepreneurs can expand their businesses. At present, iTrueMart has already been tapping into the AEC market. We are debuting our operations in the Philippines at the end of this year and that will be followed by Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Singapore in 2016 with over 5.3 billion Baht planned for investment.”

Mr. Seubsakol Sakolsatayadorn, General Manager of the iTrueMart division at Ascend Commerce Company Limited, says, “iTrueMart aims to establish itself as Thailand’s No.1 online retail store. Our main strategy is offering products from genuine brands at affordable prices coupled with outstanding aftersales services. Our research shows that consumers will shop online only when they have the confidence in the products that are being offered. They look for the right product at the right price. They also look for quality, delivery, and after-sales service. We are confident that iTrueMart has answered all these needs. We have quality inventory of more than 1 million items. Because we carry out our own delivery, customers can be ensured of quality at every step of the process—from inventory to consumers’ hands. Our customers can enjoy maximum convenience because we accept payment on delivery or Cash on Delivery. These add up to additional convenience for our customers and we are sure that we can meet all of our customers’ demands.”

During the past year, the number of visits to has increased by as much as 424 percent. Since October 2014, the average number of visits recorded was 4.6 million per month. iTrueMart receives 7,000 orders per day on average, with the highest volume of daily orders at 10,000. This marks the highest record in Thailand’s e-Commerce industry which puts iTrueMart at the forefront of Thailand’s online retail industry. Furthermore, records show more than 50 percent of buyers in 2015 have been repeat customers while up to 20 percent are regular buyers, making purchases every month.

Miss Darunporn Jirakitanusorn, Assistant Director for, a division at Ascend Commerce Company Limited, says, “After our success with hard-line products, namely electrical appliances and mobile devices, iTrueMart is now focusing on soft-line products or general products as well. In mid-2015, our first soft-line product category, featuring beauty and healthcare products was launched. In our latest move, we have introduced a new line of moms-and-kids products offering mothers an alternative in finding quality products at an attractive price. We can deliver products a day after the purchase was made and we do not even require a minimum purchase for our delivery. On top of this, we have prepared a variety of promotions for our various target groups. To date, smartphones and gadgets are our best sellers and their sales account for 70 percent of the company’s income. Our special promotion of the month called ‘Mom Says WOW’  a campaign for moms and dads to enjoy their online shopping experience with a 30 percent discount.  We’ve also launched a special Facebook page called ‘Mom Wow by iTrueMart’ that shares useful content and special offers for moms. During the launch period, 500 moms who share photos of themselves and their babies on ‘Mom Wow by iTrueMart’ Facebook page will get a discount coupon worth 200 Baht for any purchase in the mother-and-kids category until November 15, 2015.”


About iTrueMart, operating since 2013, is a leading online retailer and is a business unit of Ascend Group which is a spin-off of True Corporation and a subsidiary of C.P. Group.  It aims to offer convenient and safe shopping experiences for customers with a wide variety of quality products.   In 2015, came under Ascend Group and changed its name to Ascend Commerce Co., Ltd.


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